Better Living Group

Client: Wayne McDermott
Business: Better Living Group
Industry: Home products

Lack of clarity in the roles was the biggest issue we had initially – nobody had specific job roles and there was a lot of cross over. In addition to that we didn’t know our numbers properly. Now we have a well-established team of mature people who all have a job description, they all have KPI’s, and they’re judged against them.

The most important thing we have got from our coach is confidence… Confidence to make the big decisions. It can be too easy to procrastinate when you are doing things on your own.

Sales wise we have grown the business over 600%... we’ve actually created a business now that I could pass onto my kids, or sell.

Getting an Action Centre coach was the best decision I ever made. To have that professional advice around numbers, about staff, about direction in the business, opportunities for growth… and having somebody stand beside you… is just awesome.