Lifestyle by Design

Client: Brad Schram
Business: Lifestyle by Design
Industry: Construction Industry

I wanted to get some structures in place, I was operating as a one man band, and it was really starting to restrict growth.

We weren’t able to grow the business as I wanted to. Brett has assisted us in in getting the right things in place, and the last 18 months has been fantastic, business has never been better.

We have a lot of clients come back to us, which in the building industry we didn’t think would happen - Usually a build is a one time thing.The referrals we are getting are second to none, which means our employees are doing a good job.

If Brett had have told me that we were going to double revenue in 8 months as well as grow our profits, I would have laughed at him.

Profits are higher than ever and in the last month we have put 4 employees on, and we’re booked out until Feb next year. Life is a hell of a lot better now.