“[our] biggest getting the right people in the right spots”

Client: Matthew Kent
Business: Mariljohn
Industry: Design & Manufacturing

We’re a design construction company in the hospitality space. We haven’t been taught in the business sense of running a business, to maximum profitabilities, on how to know our numbers and that sort of things.

Experience with Action [Victoria] I believe has been really beneficial for the overall company. As in the Director’s getting their heads around business development. We’ve now been able to identify what our strengths are, and target those strengths and now we’re looking at bringing key personnel to replace where we are weak and that allows us to be even stronger in those separate fields. And that’s probably been the biggest shift in the business is to start getting the right people in the right spots.

Before we were across everything. You just can’t do it. You don’t have enough hours in the day. It’s tough to implement everything but without someone structuring it, making you and keeping you on course, we tend to drift straight into operations and day-to-day issues you have with the business, and not really spending enough time dedicating to developing a business.

In the last three years we’ve able to take our company from about a seven-odd million dollar company to 12 million dollars. We have a goal to get to twenty million dollar turnover by 2020. That’s our goal at the moment, but we want to do it the right way.

Probably the biggest benefit we’ve seen from having coaching involved for a number of years now, is the fact, we are still flat out, we still have to do a lot of hours in the business and we don’t want to change that, but when we do have our time of either a golf day or going away with family we have back-up and resources built into the business now that you can handle the issues of day-to-day through using your team. And that wasn’t there before, if you went away, it was your job, and basically you had to get back on the phone with the builder and solve that.

Now we have great project managers and we’ve put infrastructure in place that we can at least cover any of those holidays and that allows us all, between the team, to be able to have some time away and catch up with family.


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