The Document Institute

“[coaching] not only focuses you on your business but focuses you on all of your life“

Client: Brett Dashwood
Business: The Document Institute
Industry: Document Management

I’m Brett Dashwood, and I run The Document Institute. It’s all been around high volume transaction documents - your bills, your invoices, your statements etc. As I think that many small business owners are at least initially, I was I think, a great level of arrogance at the start. “If I built it they will come” kind of approach. I hated the fact, but I got to the stage where I was [saying] “should I go and get a job”.

Mike is an advisor to me. I see Mike almost as a part-time General Manager. He will [push me] when necessary. He will help me with strategy and I guess give me clarity and I think one of the big things that I have got through this entire process with Action Centre so far and I expect to continue to do so, is clarity. And clarity and focus around what I think that I need to do. I had general ideas, but it just wasn’t happening. So through the process with Mike I’ve been able to get budgets happening, get quarterly targets happening, get monthly targets happening and all of the sudden actually achieve them.

With the 90 Day Planning it’s so important to me to help structure my next 90 Days so that it not only focuses you on your business but it focuses you on all of your life. Your family life, your other personal life, your interests etc, outside of business. Having that person that I’m able to strategically plan with and has gone through that process already is paramount in importance to my business.

So for anybody who I meet who might be contemplating their future around their small business whether they’re starting or they’re already in, and contemplating getting out I think they need to speak to someone like Action Centre. The [Action Centre] Business Coach was integral to what has become the success of my business.

The Document Institute

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