How do you choose the RIGHT person to employ every single time?

One of the biggest challenges that all business owners face is finding the right people to join their team. And make no mistake - your business is a team, and you need the right mix of personalities and expertise to get the best results across all areas.

There are ways to maximise the value and the results that you can get from recruiting someone new to your team, and to make sure you choose the perfect person every time.

Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce said of their greatest assets ...“Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen - so long as their needs are being met.” [1]

Richard Branson himself said[2] “Put your staff first, customers second, shareholders third.”  He was a big advocate of looking after his staff first and the business will be taken care of as a result.

Here are the steps you should take to make sure you are doing it right:

1. Work out where your holes are

We all have them in our business – it’s not just finding a person to fill the position that has become available, it’s also about finding the unique skillset that is missing from your business.

Finding the right people to sit in their designated seats within a business is an art form. Each role within a business requires different sets of behaviours and extracting what those are takes some science and investigative work.  Following is a small subset of questions to start the search:

Does the job call for….

  • Analysing data and facts before acting?
  • Tactfulness?
  • Quick and forceful decisions?
  • Logical thinking before making decisions?

Each of the above questions starts to formulate the picture of the kind of person that would be attracted to the role.

2. Use personality profiling to ensure you find the right person

Wallflowers. Party Animals. Party Organiser. Blenders. You probably know which one of these might be you and we’ve seen many variations of these themes in our lives, but can we really spot similar groupings in other environments?

How do you choose the RIGHT person to employ every single time?

This is where it is beneficial to use personality profiling to get a scientific insight into the personality type of the person you are interviewing for a job, so you know in advance what they’re good at and what to expect from them.

 Spotting DiSC Profiles

There are many traits which are associated with the main DiSC profiles. To spot one of the 4 “high” displaying types you’ll find the below traits shine through:

  • High D’s
    They are unstoppable! A doer with drive and determination. Fly the flag and see it sail out to sea. On the other hand they can be arrogant but deep down they won’t care much about that, too busy blazing trails (or at least delegating to other people to blaze the trail for them).
  • High I’s
    Super fun loving and entertaining. Great to have around because when the party is on, its ON. But they like to take that spotlight and point it over their own heads for a long time. Good news is that they won’t know they are doing it - they’ll be too busy enjoying the attention.
  • High C’s
    Detail is the name of the game. Doing it right and to a high degree of accuracy and criticism. However, they prefer to look at the glass half empty, questioning why their glass has 50% less in it and could someone please explain if this an experimental glass, and if so, are they the “control” glass…. so it goes on.
  • High S’s
    These are the steady people, your “buddy”, and they take it slower than the rest of the pack because they aren’t afraid of letting life do its thing. Around 70% of Australians are S in profile.Their nature can be confronted sometimes by those “bossy” conversations that need to happen.

Listen to more about Disc profiling in my weekly video here:

It’s now easier to see how people can display certain DiSC profiles - we come across varying levels of these kinds of people everyday.

In business we can use DiSC to find the best people to work in areas such as recruitment, sales, operations, management, marketing, administration...anywhere. When teams become unstuck it is at times when they don’t understand each other’s behaviours and can’t respond effectively to each other in times of stress or when they are in a wave of never-ending orders.

As a Business Leader we need to be confident that the people around us are what they say they are, and will do what we hope they will be able to do at the moments of truth. The High D drives us, the High C checks, the High S keeps it all rolling, and the High I breaks up all that seriousness and tells us all to lighten up - you’re not saving lives (unless you are, and in that case, it’s a joke in poor taste).

Once you have found the right people then the next steps are about good culture and leadership, but that's a topic for another day!

If you would like to learn more about recruiting and Disc profiling, check out our upcoming workshops:

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