Speaking Engagements

The business coaching and mentoring team Action Centre are well known in Australia’s business coaching industry. They have countless stories to share and will explore different themes they encountered from the many clients they’ve coached. Topics we discuss include:

  • Customer Service- The best & worst practices, why it’s important and where we miss the mark
  • Staff and Sales- Building a profitable team pragmatically.
  • Strategy is the new black- Why planning before acting works.
  • Master your finances or they will master you- Get on top of your numbers, the best financial management advice you’ll be given all year.
  • Business Heroes- stories from the frontline, real stories from coaching real business owners.

The team at Action Centre have worked alongside world leading presenters and trainers and have spoken across Melbourne and around Australia on many different business building topics. To give you a better understanding of which speaker you would like to engage, you can review our team’s personal background here

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Call us about a specific topic you’d like to focus on related to business management. It may be profit building, marketing, succession planning, restructuring, recruitment or maybe you would like stories to inspire you and your team.

We are ready to share our insights with you as guest speakers for:

  • Mini presentations
  • Group training on/off premises
  • Monthly company meetings including AGM’s,
  • Annual conferences and more!
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