Refund Policy for Workshops and Events

As our coaching clients and their teams receive priority over the public for all events, it is possible that we have a 'Client Full House' for an event. In this situation all monies will be immediately refunded back to you in full.

In the event a workshop is cancelled, Action Centre may reschedule the workshop at the same location or another location within 10 kilometres of the original location. Each registrant will be notified of such change by email and will be automatically registered for the Rescheduled Workshop. In the event the registrant is unable to attend the Rescheduled Workshop and there is no other workshop that the registrant is able to attend as a substitute to the original workshop, the registrant can request a refund via email to seven days of the original event. In the event a Refund Request is made, Action Centre will refund the full amount paid for the cancelled workshop within 7 days of the Refund Request.

Action Centre understand that unforeseen circumstances can prevent a registrant from attending an event and are happy to deal with individual requests for rescheduling or refunding via our email: