Thursday, 17th June
8:00 am - 12:00 pm


The Action Centre Training Centre
Suite 13/24 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East VIC  3151

In this fast-paced 4 hour planning sprint, award-winning veteran business coach, Brett Burden, shows you how to put fundamental marketing principles to work for your business.

At the end you’ll walk away with a simple marketing blueprint, tailored to your unique business needs that will guide your actions for the next 12 months.

Better yet, you’ll gain the insight and experience you need to devise more elaborate plans as your business grows.

By going through this process you’ll:

  • Learn how to use tried and tested positioning techniques to render your competition irrelevant, even if they’re “better than you”
  • Learn how to methodically shortlist, test and select the best promotional strategies for your particular business
  • Learn how to stop wasting money on adverts that don’t work and reduce the high cost of finding high quality leads
  • Use the unchanging principles of marketing, to ground your thinking and give you clear direction. This will allow you to cut through the hype, jargon and hocus pocus that’s so common in the modern world of marketing
  • Be able to overcome digital marketing technophobia
  • Gain insights into your marketing needs that will make the constant stream of technical changes on platforms like Google and Facebook seem almost irrelevant