In normal times Action Victoria's business mentoring team works with Trades and similar service business owners, helping them grow and scale their businesses.

This work often includes counselling owners through times of extreme difficulty, such as the GFC and now.

The simple truth is, many businesses can and will survive current challenges by taking calm, measured steps now.

As a way of giving back and lending a hand, we're currently able to provide free advice on the following challenges:-

  • Cash flow shortages and loss of business
  • Difficult decisions about staffing
  • How to manage when key staff have kids at home
  • Operating your business in this environment
  • What work should you prioritise and what work to put on the back burner
  • Securing business when money is short
  • Making sure you're primed and ready to bounce back as soom as things start returning to normal
  • How to cope with disrupted supply lines

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