Paul Watson

IT Managed Services

“My quality of life has improved since working with Action Centre”

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Karen Walter

Speech Pathology Services

Our turnover has doubled in two years”

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Darren Walton

Plumbing Services

"I would encourage anyone that’s considering business coaching to have a chat with Action Centre.”

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Clint Wolf

Security & Data

“We have had well over 100% growth in 12 months”

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David Gooley

Architectural Steel, Metalwork and Glazing

“We are turning over about $3.5 million a month”

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Brian Cross

Electrical and Plumbing

"We just did our figures for the month and we have a gross profit higher than [all] last year"

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Alistair Nicoll

Essential Services

"When we started we turned over less than $1 mill, now we turnover $8 mill+ and I don’t have to be here very much."

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Matt Kent

Design & Manufacturing

“[our] biggest getting the right people in the right spots”

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Brett Dashwood

Document Management

“[coaching] not only focuses you on your business but focussed you on all of your life“

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Casey Henwood

Roof Plumbing Industry

“I started with one labourer, now I have 6 guys fulltime on the tools, a site manager, an office manager and myself”

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Jeff Speake

Playground Equipment Industry

“Over 6 years our business has increased over 50%”

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Les and Jodi Hams

Realty Industry

“Brett made us much more confident in what we were doing, by having a plan“

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Kris Juzva

Packaging technology industry

“Working with Action Centre gave us clarity to see what is possible”

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Adam Di Florio

Trade Management

“We have so much more consistency in our turnover and our workload“

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Kim and Danni

Retail Industry

“Having a coach forces you to do what needs to be done for your business”

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Kim Mizzi

Veterinary Industry

“how do I continue to make this business profitable and have family time as well”

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Brett Hardiman

Digital Marketing Industry

“Keith has actually helped me be able to run the business properly“

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George Troth, Mlight

Lighting Industry

“We’ve gone from less than $1 million to over $5 million”

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Scott Stafford

Building and Construction

“we’ve signed up 2.5 million dollars worth of work and I attribute a fair amount of that to Action Centre”

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Gerard Keble

Steel Cabling Industry

“Keith doesn’t cop any nonsense from anyone and sometimes you need that“

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Bryce Barker

Plumbing Industry

“We’ve grown from it being myself and two partners to having 55 employees”

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Brenda and Adam Waugh

Construction Industry

“We’ve grown from $1million in turnover to $4million, and we’ve been able to take family holidays for the first time”

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Russell Pearon

Marketing industry

“We’ve had the pleasure of using Brett Burden and the ActionCoach business coaching program for 9 months now”

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